Monika Astara
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Tribal Sea Necklace

$27.00 - $327.00

Empowering, striking, grounding. It's not for the faint at heart.
But sometimes we just need to step up a little - bring bigger smiles to our faces, let confidence get a tremendous boost, and put a bit of kick into our step.

African, Ghana gold lost wax beads, based on old Ashanti fine gold. Artisans make a wax mold for every single bead, cover it with clay, fire the clay, the wax melts and artisans pour molten brass into it mold. When the clay mold is cooled, they crack the clay. Therefore each bead is unique. There is never an identical one. Other beads in the necklace are: hand carved bone beads, volcanic ash discs, lava rock, antiqued brass, natural coral branch and rounded "triangle" natural coral bead on the dangles. Natural coral is from "expired" coral reefs. It is"natural" to brownish in color. No live coral reefs get injured. It has long been illegal to harvest red coral. Strung on black waxed cotton.


Adjustable from 26" to 29". Longest, center dangle is 6".

Matching Earrings: antiqued brass, copper fire polished Czech crystal beads, wood, magnesite dangle.


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