Monika Astara
Image of Sunshine Design - on Zalli style - with pocket

Sunshine Design - on Zalli style - with pocket


The most airy, wonderful European handkerchief linen with the happy hand painted Sunshine Design.
There is no way you can feel anything else but happy and uplifted when wearing this!

The Signature separate collar lets you change looks.

It's the greatest way to bring joy and confidence into every day life.
Go for it!

Easy care: turn inside out, put into a lingerie bag (not needed if you have a front loading washer), wash cold, on delicate cycle.
Take out of bag and tumble dry low.
Use a simple detergent - no perfume, deodorizer, color fastener in it. No dryer sheets. Those are hard on all fabrics.

You can touch up with medium to medium hot iron if needed.

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