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Image of Welcome! This is me - Monika Astara - I make your Clothes, Jewelry and Digital Art  - all of them!

Welcome! This is me - Monika Astara - I make your Clothes, Jewelry and Digital Art - all of them!


Hello wonderful beings,

this is me, Monika Astara.
I make all of your happy clothes in my studio in Austin.
With some help from my partner in life and husband Marvin.

Yup - just the 2 of us create these flattering, fun clothing styles and vibrant, simple, casually elegant and bold jewelry. It's all designed to make you feel totally comfy, happy and confident. When you feel that way, you light up from within and radiate it out.
That's utterly contagious. You'll infect the world around you with joy.

From the beginning in 1987, we have done everything with sustainable processes. Looong before it became a buzz phrase. It simply was and is a way of living.

We wash and dry all fabrics before making the garments, so you can safely wash them (see care instructions).

As most of us "girls" know, jewelry is a fabulous way to change a mood.
That can be with a pair of inexpensive, yet exotic earrings, or an artsy bold necklace that'll make us stand up tall and smile with strength and delight.

Check out the collection that I craft with beads from around the world.
You'll find unexpected combinations that delight the spirit, heart and body.

What we look at on our walls also affects how we feel. So why not have some digital art that is created with uplifting photos that are artfully layered, partially hidden and revealed and evoke happy thoughts and associations. Surrounding us with happy vibes.

If I can assist you in any way finding the right pieces for you, answering questions, doubts or whatever else, just call me at 512 470 2553 or contact me . I'd love to hear from you. It makes me happy.
Thank you!

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