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Image of Celtic Cocoon Wrap. Hand woven, hand block printed 100% Cotton.

Celtic Cocoon Wrap. Hand woven, hand block printed 100% Cotton.


Have you touched and felt fabrics that are entirely hand made by skilled artisans?
There is just something so special about them. Hard to explain. I love gliding my hands over those occasional nubby fibers and seeing slight irregularities in the density of the prints. It's the hall mark of handmade. Somehow sooo much more character and life than machine printed and machine loomed fabrics.
This fabric was made by Master Indian artisan.

Periodically I get a whole bunch of these fabrics. Then delight in coming up with styles that showcase the exquisite designs. While simultaneously being very flattering, comfortable and making women feel beautiful and happy.

The natural color of the fabric is often associated with simplicity, comfort and elegance. Whereas black is traditionally considered to be a color of power, mystery and sophistication.
I love the combination of the soft color with the strong black. It makes for kind of a quiet power cocoon to wrap yourself into. An awesome piece to wear out among people when you want to stay centered in yourself, while also feeling powerfully supported.
Wearing it at home, curled into a soft armchair, reading a book or watching movies - or even sitting on the computer - gently lights you up from the inside. It's just as comfortable as a T-shirt - but makes you feel a ton more special.

One Size fits XS - PLUS.
Back drapes to about mid calf length on 5'5" tall person.

More measurements and photos are coming - or just use the contact page for inquiries, please.
"Monika Astara" is a one person studio where everything is handmade and I am also the one answering the phone.

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