Monika Astara
Image of Reversible Poncho Top / Shawl - Wear 6 Ways

Reversible Poncho Top / Shawl - Wear 6 Ways

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BEST GIFT - for yourself or others.
See those leggings and sweats - and especially your mood - transformed in a mere second.
Just put it over your head, and start playing: attached are some ways of wearing it.
Tap into your paly mode - and discover more. Turn the seam in different directions, throw part over your shoulder......
Reverse it for a different color scheme and mood.
Have fun!
It'll put a kick into your step when you run errands in this.
And that's something highly desirable these days.
Go for it!

See photo 5 for different ways to wear it.

Best Care: Hand wash. Press water out, dry flat.
You can machine wash cold, delicate cycle - in a front loading machine.
Tumble dry low about 10 min. then hang to dry.
If using a top loading machine, put it into a pillow case and close it, or into a lingerie bag. The agitators can tear the edges under. Wash cold, delicate cycle, Tumble dry low for about 10 min. then line dry.

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