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Image of "Peaceful Strength" -  Lapis lazuli and turquoise silver loop earrings

"Peaceful Strength" - Lapis lazuli and turquoise silver loop earrings


Such a fun "modern", yet timeless style.

Lapis lazuli and turquoise have been revered throughout the ages by different cultures. They are prominent in Native American and Egyptian jewelry.

Turquoise is a perfect stone for keeping well grounded and in the present. It is said to deflect negativity, to heal emotional wounds, to absorb tension and stress. Turquoise can make us feel stronger, healthier and more energetic.

I wear it when I have to deal a lot with people, when I am at shows or when I want to be feel strong and supported within myself.

Lapis lazuli has been called the stone of royalty.
It is associated with compassion, peace, harmony and keeping the wearer in a good mood.

It has tiny clear glass beads as spacers between the turquoise and lapis beads.

So - when you are facing a tough day, or your mood is off and you could use some help, these might just be perfect.

Total length: 1 3/4"
Loop part: 1 1/4"
Hammered silver colored loops.
Sterling silver ear wires.

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