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Image of Jewelry is essential self care. "Innocnece and Purity" Necklace

Jewelry is essential self care. "Innocnece and Purity" Necklace

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Jewelry - like clothing - is one of the easiest and most fun ways to support and nourish ourselves.

Science shows what we have known from our own experiences:
what we wear affects how we feel and think.

Let's use clothes and jewelry to have joy in our daily lives.
To feel strong from deep within.
To stay calm in an increasingly challenging world.
To love and appreciate ourselves - so we can love and appreciate our family members and friends.

Choose clothes and jewelry that light you up and ignite your inner joy.

You can read more about that on my Instagram posts @MonikaAstara - or in my blogs and on my Studio website for Creative Freedom and Joy:
Just copy and paste this URL - and enjoy submerging yourself in happy, joyful posts and stories.

"Innocence and Purity" Necklace:
a delightful, wear-with-anything necklace.
It's simplicity belies the soft strength it carries. Along with vibrations of being pure and innocent. It's like being free of jealousy and envy. Instead feeling free and pure like a child - in a mature way that is kind and gentle - while also being comfortably strong from deep inside.

A gorgeous freshwater pearl is "held" by beautiful sterling silver beads, hand crafted by Balinese artisans and strung up with tiny silver lined glass beads.
Silver tone toggle clasp with flower details.

Choker length.

Freshwater pearls are so pure and innocent.
It's like taking a soothing bath in a clear, pristine fresh water pool surrounded by untouched, luscious nature. Utterly calming and refreshing.

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